Warm canned air kills ants

My friend Jon, whose new house has a bit of an ant problem, has observed that gas from a “Dust Off” type spray duster kills them very quickly. His intuition, and mine, was that this is an unexpected phenomenon. I was intrigued at the possibility that the fluorocarbon that’s pressurized to make this so-called […]

Pot-head with brain cactus


A new take on my old sight gag, that would’ve worked better if I could’ve found a better specimen of (what I believe to be) Mammillaria elongata monstrosus. Mom’s got one, too, and both hers and mine have, for whatever reasons, stopped growing in their curlicue “brain” fashion and started sending out straight tubercles. […]

Agave-spine needle and thread


My pal Jon has a beautiful Agave americana in the backyard of the house he just bought. He removes the wicked spines that grow at the tips of the leaves for safety’s sake, and last time I was there he extracted this one. He showed me how to break off the spine at its […]