LA tour guidebook cover featuring my photography

Jaak Treiman is Estonia’s honorary U.S. consul in Los Angeles. If I understand correctly, this position, among other duties, keeps him meeting and greeting various Estonian dignitaries, businesspeople, and government officials when they’re in LA. And, if the occasion warrants, showing them around the city. Which, I presume, is what prompted him to write a tour guide.

Back in March, I got an e-mail from Jaak asking if he could use one of the photographs from the novelty diplomatic bags I was selling on Etsy awhile back on the cover. At least at the time, this shot was one of the few decent photos online of anything even respectably pretending to be a diplomatic valise.

I said sure, man, just send me a signed copy when it comes out. And last week it arrived. A Diplomatic Guide to Los Angeles is on sale now, sporting my novelty diplomatic bag there on the lower-right-corner of the front cover. Looks great, if I do say so myself.