“Drains to Creek,” 2014

A blue and green rubbing on orange paper, in a circular mat, in a square dark purple frame. The rubbing design features three stylized fish chasing each other around a circle, with the words AUSTIN TEXAS mirror-reversed at the center.

Fadeless bulletin board paper, oil crayon, fixative.

This is a small manhole cover rubbing I took in August 2014 my then-girlfriend Dr. Suzanne Stambaugh at a storm sewer on the corner opposite my old house. It uses a different technique from my earlier rubbing—here the color is applied to the steel first, then the paper laid on and burnished over it. This was Suzanne’s idea. (Thanks, Snoo!) The three-fishes design indicates a sewer that empties into a natural reservoir, rather than a treatment plant. Supposedly, the historic O’Raigan coat of arms sports a similar motif.