FEMA will admit of no plans for alien contact

Per a random FOIA request I filed back around the end of 2009, Office of Records Management of the Federal Emergency Management Agency claims to be “unable to locate or identify any responsive records” to my request for “budget summaries from the years 1979 to the present, inclusive, that will indicate how much money FEMA has allocated and/or spent in preparation for, or analysis of, the possibility of emergencies that might be caused by contact with extraterrestrial life, sentiment [sp] or otherwise.”

When I sent it to them, of course, I typed “sentient” instead of “sentiment.” I am not yet so paranoid as to suspect their typo is part of the conspiracy. They claim to have conducted a “comprehensive search of files within the Chief Financial Office.”

I was not expecting them to admit that they had prepared for an alien invasion, but I thought there might be an outside chance that they had dedicated some resources to analysis of the possibility. And “sentient or otherwise” was intended to include the possibility of a “space plague.” I suppose I should really ask the CDC about that one.

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  1. You might also check the FCC, in case they’ve received any radio transmissions indicating alien sentiments. Meanwhile, Customs and Immigration obviously spends a lot of time and money preparing for aliens, but you’ll need to phrase your letter to them carefully to avoid confusion.

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