Mystery Edison Giocattoli “LR” ray gun from Germany

In April I was contacted via e-mail by a German woman who had seen this page on my old site and was interested in selling some EG ray guns in her possession.  This happens occasionally, and more often than not the sellers have mistaken me for a wealthy, eccentric collector, when in fact only the last two descriptors are accurate.  But this seller turned out to be fair-dealing, and best of all, she had something I had never seen before, specifically, this “rifle” style ray gun, clearly an EG, which is apparently a variation on their Thitan model Spacematic cap gun, a fine specimen of which I already own.

This, however, appears to be an “LR” variant of the Thitan, which term I adopt by analogy to the Super Thur LR.  I have never actually seen an EG ray gun with a stock before, yet alone been offered one for sale.  But this seller had two of this model, and I got the one pictured above shipped to my door for what was, to my mind, quite a reasonable price. Still trying to figure out the best way to display my growing collection.

Most exciting about this find was that I had no idea this model even existed before it was offered to me. The seller, intriguingly, claimed in one e-mail that “there are more space guns,” but her English was poor and I could never get her to elaborate.

4 thoughts on “Mystery Edison Giocattoli “LR” ray gun from Germany

  1. Hey there.

    This is really cool. I collect these (had a Super Thur as a kid) and thought I had all variants but, like yourself, never knew this existed.
    I can send you a front-box pic of the Super Thur LR if you’re interested. You say she had two of these and you bought one. I don’t suppose you could
    send me her email address?

  2. Thanks! Sorry for the long delay on the response, here. I have e-mailed my friend the gmail address associated with your comment. Cheers-SMR

  3. aaah… damn it… too late.. :( at first i thought it is a photoshoped gun… never knew this one either!

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