Epiphone logo hammer and sickle

I bought this hardshell case at Austin’s Guitar Resurrection in 1999, shortly after I moved from Dallas for school, to house the nice red sunburst slimline acoustic there on the left. When the clerk handed it to me, it looked very like the new case shown to right.

I pointed at the gold motif  and  said, “Whassat?”

“That,” he replied, “is the logo of the great guitarist Epiphone. I recommend black spray paint.”

He got the backstory pretty much right. (Turns out the man’s name was Epaminondas Stathopoulos, and “Epi” was just a nickname. But whatevs.) I considered his spray paint suggestion for awhile before opting for gold instead of black. A bit of masking tape here and there, a quick spray, and the logo was much improved.

2 thoughts on “Epiphone logo hammer and sickle

  1. And if you prefer the capitalist version, you could add a second thin line and turn it into a Euro symbol.

  2. Haha! Would’ve been more timely, too, as this happened just about the time the euro was introduced.

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