60 days of face exercises

Though skeptical, I decided to experiment with adding a facial exercise routine to my regimen back in November, and took a “before” picture (left), so I could compare later on and decide if it was worth keeping up with. The photo on the right was taken 60 calendar days later, having done the exercises five days out of every seven, about ten minutes each morning and evening, during the intervening time.

There’s no doubt my face looks stronger and better defined, but I would not characterize it as “younger.” In fact, I’d say it’s aged me, most noticeably by deepening my “smile lines.”

Of course, Xmas happened between the first picture and the last, and it at least feels like I do 80% of my aging, each year, over the holidays.

One thought on “60 days of face exercises

  1. I think the difference in the two is simply a matter of lighting.

    Also, have you considered making a facial exercise DVD with soothing new age music and you in tight yoga pants? Great idea, right? You’re welcome.

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