R14 Light Bulb Salt-and-Pepper Shakers

Salt-and-pepper shaker set made from small "floodlight" style light bulbs and two soda bottle caps.

The discovery that standard Edison bulb bases screw perfectly into 16 oz. PET bottle caps was a profound moment for me. Fun fact: Standard female garden hose (FGH) thread will also fit a light bulb base (and, I suppose, by inference, a 16 oz. PET bottle).

I found these mini floodlight/reflector bulbs burned out in an old china cabinet. I reclaimed them by hollowing out the bulbs using the familiar method, etching off the metal coating inside with extra-strength white vinegar, and fitting them with white (salt) and black (pepper) 16 oz. screw-top pop bottle caps with holes drilled in the center. Unlike a regular pear-shaped light bulb, this mini-floodlight type will stand upright on its own without help. I’ve done this before, but never with these cute little R14 bulbs.