Pseudomorphic fan pull

Pseudomorphic fan pull

Made from a party favor. […]

Bass drum button for drumcycle

Improvised pedal button attached to drumcycle handlebars

My idea of mounting a digital drum controller on a stationary bike didn’t make much of a splash when I recently posted it on Make: Projects, but for me, at least, it has been absolutely revolutionary. It makes the 30-45 minutes I spend on the bike five days a week, now, not only bearable, […]

My standing desk setup

Standing desks 02

It was Nomadic Furniture that first got me interested, almost a decade ago, in the idea of working standing up. I’ve tried several times, since then, to pick up the habit, but only over the past six months, or so, have I finally made it stick.

I built these two work tables […]

Using a kitchen canister as a small trashcan

Buffet Trash Can

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday with a small party. There was a buffet, and we needed a wee tabletop trash can for grape stems, toothpicks, used napkins, marijuana seeds olive pits, and so forth. This was my handy-dandy improvisation: pop the acrylic top out of the lid (they’re just press-fit on the cheap […]

Homemade Toshiba TLP-671 video projector wall mount


The mounting plate itself is built from a piece of 1/2″ MDF. I traced around the bottom of the projector, cut it to shape using a sabre saw, drilled the holes, rounded the corners and edges with a file, and applied a couple coats of black spray paint. Four holes in the […]

Wire hanger paper towel holder


A spur-of-the-moment improvisation shortly after I moved into my new house in 2010, and had no paper towel holder for the garage. Now, more than a year later, I still use it several times a week, and it still works great.


Lens cap clip mod


Inspired by The Nice Clip’s recent successful Kickstarter, I modified the lens cap for my Canon SX10 by sticking a small lapel clip to it with Loctite-brand outdoor mounting tape (chosen over regular double-sided foam tape for additional strength). The lapel clip was a junk box find, removed from the cord on […]

How I modded my Xbox 360 to run 10 degrees cooler

Briefly, I did the three things suggested by ClickClick 5:

Rewired one of the two fans to run at a constant 12V. Installed a small heat-sink on the graphics coprocessor. Added an aluminum foil duct over the processor heat-sink.

The hardest part of the entire process was getting the Xbox itself open, which I did […]

Improvised cigarette butt receptacle


I don’t smoke, but my housemate does, and so do many of my friends, and besides the unsightliness of loose cigarette butts (either in an ashtray or on the ground), there’s also a significant risk of wildfire in my area at this time of year. This is just stuff I had lying around: a […]

Why are there no wheel locks like these for bikes?


A couple years back it occurred to me that it would be cool to have wheel locks for my bike like those that are already available for cars. They’re just special lug nuts that are sold four to a set (you only need one locking nut per wheel, after all). Each set features a […]