OCD Bristlebot

A yellow toothbrush head, with white bristles, that's been cut from the handle. The bristles are on the ground, and there's a layer of foam tape on the back of the head securing a small piece of black phenolic board that matches the shape of the head.  On top of the phenolic board are a small pager motor, mounted in fuse clips, a toggle switch, and a CR2032 coin cell battery holder with a battery inside it.

Plastic toothbrush head, fuse clips, pager motor, toggle switch, copper-clad board, double-stick tape, coin cell and holder.

I made this little robot sometime in mid-2014. The motor case, fuse clips, and most of the underside copper layer are grounded, with small “islands” manually cut clear to carry Vcc. The sides and top of the phenolic board are stained black with Sharpie marker, and the foam tape provides a solid interface with a bit of give to accommodate the underside solder points. The toothbrush belonged to my grandmother; I found it in a travel kit in a piece of very old luggage.