120 laser-cut acrylic RepTiles, mounted to wall with small pins

I had Angus Hines make these for me—thirty in each of four colors. Three of the colors are fluorescent and one is not; all are transparent. The choice of colors in this tiling is purely random.

I modified my earlier vector art by the addition of a 1/16″ diameter pinhole in the tiling center of each lizard, which allows it to be secured to the wall with a #18 x 3/4″ brass-plated escutcheon pin (Crown Bolt #45304), pushed in with a brad driver rather than hammered. The pinhole version of the vector art has now been uploaded to Thingiverse, as well.

By far the most tedious part of this process was peeling the protective film from both sides of each tile. The side with the raster etching was particularly obnoxious, because the film came off in little bits, strips, and pieces around the areas that had been etched away. There’s probably some straightforward process I didn’t think of to remove it without all the manual fingernail work. Mild heat, perhaps? A hairdryer?