Sony Everquest II Customer Support Nightmare

A month or so ago I had to stop playing EQII, as the system stopped allowing me to log on. I believe it’s a billing problem with the credit card on file but I don’t know for sure because I have *never* received any communication from Sony regarding why my service was cancelled. I tried to log-in and check/update my billing info but I couldn’t remember my password and had to reset it. I never received the e-mail containing the new password. I reset it several times and still never received the new one. I was told that it might be an issue with my Yahoo e-mail address; I turned off all spam filtering and message blocking to my Yahoo account and tried again, several times, and still did not receive any e-mails. I tried to resolve the issue by live chat but found that I couldn’t log on without the password that I apparently couldn’t receive by e-mail. I tried to create an entirely new station account so I would be able to talk to the live chat people. I did so, and when I tried to use it to log on to live chat I was told that it could not be verified and was not allowed to log on. I finally caved in and called SOE’s voice number in San Diego, which is NOT an 800 number so I had to pay for it, and after navigating the voice mail system that told me repeatedly to do all the things I’d already done was finally allowed to talk to a human being. I told him the whole story and he was helpful and I spelled out my ID and e-mail over the phone and he found the account but finally refused to provide my password unless I could provide the last 4 digits of the mastercard I used to open the original account, which has expired and long since been destroyed. I don’t have to provide the credit card number to reset my password online, but suddenly when I call by voice I do? And all of this because Sony seems unable to send an e-mail to my Yahoo address, in spite of the fact that I receive automated replies from other companies and services at that e-mail address constantly. In a crowning and glorious irony, I did receive an e-mail customer support satisfaction survey following my phone call. It is the first e-mail I have successfully received from Sony since the whole fracas began. Absolutely unbelievable.

3 thoughts on “Sony Everquest II Customer Support Nightmare

  1. On a completely unrelated note, I was browsing the new stuff on your site and ran across the “Psychohazard” sign. I got a giggle out of remembering you arguing about epistemology and ontological whatnot way back in the day….all I could think of at the time was “Damn all these philosophy majors, don’t they have anything better to do than try to use big words in a sentence!” and “Where’s my dictionary?!?! Help! EE major out of her conversational depth!”

  2. Thanks for your comment Mel. I kind of miss the days when all I had to do to seem smart was know big words (i.e. I miss my liberal arts days!). It’s much easier to memorize words like “Brobdingnagian” that it is to produce experimental data that supports the point. Feh all over science.

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